After two weeks, the silver nail polish I wore here was nearly gone. I removed the remaining cracked splats and realized I not only had no polish, but I was not sure about where I would obtain some.

The local grocery markets don’t carry things like makeup. The pharmacy has pharmaceuticals. But I forgot about the tables and tables of makeup I’d seen in Parque Llano at the weekly tianguis and the labryinth that is the Benito Juarez Market. It is full of rows and rows of goods, including fingernail polish, flower arrangements, candles, any seed or bean you can imagine, clothing, shoes, pet food, alcohol, stationery, paper goods, pinatas, jewelry, gift wrap, bags, ice cream, prepared foods, vegetables, cut
fruits, and, of course, chapulines.

I got so engrossed in trying to navigate the maze, I forgot the polish and only snapped a few photos.

bj2 bj3 bj4

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