In class today, we were playing a game of Telephone when “The sun is shining on the fountain” returned as simply: “Señor.”

We sat in a circle, taking turns whispering sentences that are foreign to us and cause us to giggle a little for the unexpected warm breath of our friends, for the preposterous noises we hear, for how little control we have in this game, for the joy when we win as much as lose (maybe more when we lose and it’s something one-seventh of its original size!), most of all, for how we, as the words, are startlingly transformed.

Some other transformations:

“The fountain is on” became “The chef is trying.”

“What is your name” became “I’m sorry you do not know.”

“I have six lollipops” was “Six is bow.”

“I have two dogs” was “I have two dogs.” We all won that round!

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