When I first saw the Little Businessman and Co., Cecelia asked why I did not return in December. I reminded her that I’d only promised June, but we would have Christmas together on Saturday.

So, we had Christmas, minus the feast and the religious celebration. We had toys and gifts and all sorts of fun before the rain came.

They played with their first finger puppets, vroomed the toy cars on the sidewalk, bounced the beach ball into crowds, blew up a slew of balloons.

Mateo liked the dry-erase board and quickly collected all of the markers. He liked most seeing the names of his entire family next to his own. He asked me what a signature is, drew a skinny horse, and then made it disappear.

Cecelia took the brown doll in the short skirt, swiped the purple pony for Marcela, quickly stashed the strawberries I’d brought for all of us to share, claimed the dollar store necklace set, snatched the king and queen finger puppets, and reminded me of the small pink purse she wanted — informing me her mother wanted one, too.


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