“Drink nothing without seeing it; sign nothing without reading it.” -Spanish Proverb

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I know I have reminisced before about the fruits and vegetables of Oaxaca and how they remind me of the food of my childhood: oranges with real seeds, lettuce with crunch, and the creamiest avocados.

A man pushes a wheelbarrow of cherries up the street, and it is hard to resist sampling one, but some work needs to go into disinfecting the produce before consumption by most US American digestive systems.

Here is my last batch of fruits and veggies bathing in tap water treated with Microdyn (made from colloidal silver) which is easily eliminated by the body and removes only the not-so-delicious parts of the equation: bacteria, viruses, mold, and parasites.

So far this week I have bathed apples and strawberries, potatoes and onions, carrots and avocados, and the special-delivery cantaloupe. (Pieces of fruit float; veggies sink.)

One Reply to ““Drink nothing without seeing it; sign nothing without reading it.” -Spanish Proverb”

  1. My first thought was you were going to juice carrots and strawberries in a vitamix! I wonder how that would turn out?

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