The Little Businessman Is Back

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The Little Businessman Is Back

Yes, the Little Businessman was on the zocalo this evening, and, although he had fewer tricks than usual, he was playful and happy. I commented that he had grown taller, but he didn’t seem much stronger. He agreed. (In fact, he is remarkably skinnier than last June.)

Speaking of size: He told me I have big feet. I told him he was like a tiny ant next to something as large as I am. He giggled at the idea.

He and Cecilia and Mateo dug through my backpack to inventory my goods, nothing too exciting beyond a rain poncho (they wanted me to model, but I politely declined) and some almond trail mix with chocolate rectangles mixed in.

Agostino swiped my sunglasses and instantly began performing; this is the Agostino I know and adore!

As we caught up, a little pinkish dog that looked like a pig passed as did a mariachi band, a marimba player, and a strolling guitarist. All of this music couldn’t muffle the singer in the green blouse at the mic at the restaurant two doors down from the place where I would buy Mateo an ice cream sandwich, Cecilia a chocolate-dipped vanilla bar (which would have been better if it was strawberry dipped or even chocolate inside), and the Little Businessman a popsicle.

Eating ice cream in the cool night air, we decided if we could play any instrument it’d be an accordion.

Cecilia informed me about a little purse she wanted for only 25 pesos (she was sure she could get it for 20). It is a pretty pink and would be perfect for carrying the coins she earns, safer, too. (The composition instructor in me marveled at her claim and reasons, the sophistication of her appeal.)

She’s the real businessperson in the family, I think.

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