Second Tuesdays at the neighborhood library are family game nights. Tomorrow evening we will play the Scrambled States of America, a fun way to learn about the US landscape as well as state capitals and mottos.

In April, we’ll play Apples to Apples.

We started off these comedy sessions with Family Feud, moved on to Monopoly and Bingo, and this is is a snapshot of Pictionary night.

Pictionary was hilarious. It was all vocabulary related to the household. We had two enthusiastic teams of people from three to forty-three (ish) and a handful of delighted spectators. We expressed disgust at our own teammates’ poor interpretations of the words: garage, remote, washing machine. (Garage was especially disappointing.) And, when it was our turn to draw, we were stuck. Even tennis shoes were impossible.

These are both ironing boards. They have a full suit of clothes on them. A moment after I took this, one of them suddenly had a head and and hands!

On a related note, please check out: http://www.bethereforlibraries.org

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