Due to the fact that she has a very unique and interesting past history, she summarizes briefly her personal opinions for all to hear. She is usually a person who values new innovations, completely unanimous end results, and consensus of opinion.

Whether you know it or not, the above passage refers back to the one and the same issue of exactly the same redundancy we see in this Bud Light sign and also which was in close proximity to the entrance of a Lake Tahoe grocery store.

close proximity = proximity
completely unanimous = unanimous
consensus of opinion = consensus
each and every = each or every
end result = result
exactly the same = the same
he/she is a person who = he/she
basic essentials = essentials
due to the fact that = because
new innovation = innovation
one and the same = the same
personal opinion = opinion
refer back = refer
summarize briefly = summarize
whether or not = whether
surrounding circumstances = circumstances
past history = history
very unique = unique
and also = and or also

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