Death is a punishment for some; for others, a gift, and for many a favor. –Seneca

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The dead to the well, and the living to joy. –Anonymous

Death is sweet, but the waiting room is cruel. –Camilo Jose Cel

He wasn’t dead; he was out on the town. –Anonymous

To death he makes a brave front and after invites a drink. –Anonymous

After all, death is only a symptom that there was life. –Mario Benedetti

Among flowers we are greeted and among flowers we are dismissed. –Anonymous

The catrina is going to take the dead, but she is going to stay at the party. –Anonymous

We must live smiling to die content. –Anonymous

One cannot die when he wants, but when he can. –Gabriel Garcia Marquez

These photographs of altars were displayed on a wall in a courtyard outside of the Carlos Slim Foundation with several other altars and displays. It was a pretty space that was a quiet reprieve from the bustling foot traffic outside the walls.



Life is very beautiful
And nothing compares
We all must die
And we all will go to the last tomb
If you have or do not have (riches) you are going to go
And not because you don’t have, you are staying.

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