The Templo Mayor is one of the temples of the ancient Aztec City, Tenochtitlan, now known as Mexico City. It is located just off of the zocalo, near the cathedral. A tour of the ruins and the adjacent museum provides information into centuries of this area of Mexico, including information about how the temples were constructed and organized as well as some of the activities within the grounds, particularly sacrifices (including self sacrifices, sacrifices of enemies, and of children).

Some of the stones depict images of flowers, skulls, serpents, people, and other animals. Some of the stones contain pigment and make the mind wonder what the original temples looked like. The structure, beginning around 1325, was built (or re-built) seven times, each time growing, like my nephews and nieces, taller and more complex.

When I showed the Home Depot crew these photos at the Wednesday intercambio, they mentioned that I see sights in their home country that they have never seen. I said this is the job of the tourist.






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