Once, I pulled up to my house after a too-long day at school, and I saw two bunnies in the lavender growing in the park strip opposite my house. I was super tired and it was late, and I knew I was imagining bunnies.

I don’t usually imagine bunnies when I am tired, but fewer than four years ago, before my campus started developing and when I was still teaching until after ten pm, there were rabbits. We must’ve had a warren of them, and I would watch them lope and graze across our grass on cold nights as I headed to my car.

I wasn’t imagining rabbits. There really are loose bunnies in my neighborhood.

In fact, this morning as I was hiking in pursuit of caffeine, the brown one either:
1. Stopped grazing to pose for a photo.
2. Stood suddenly and pretended to be a statue.


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