Halekai – Light Show and a Light Meal

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Located at the Fairmont Orchid, Halekai (Home by the Sea), a beachfront café, is the perfect place for appetizers and drinks as a prelude to the show: sunset. Because we were there to toast eventide, I had the Kohala Sunset, a tincture of light rum, orange curacao, orange juice concentrate, and grenadine, and M had the Lilikoi (passion fruit) Margarita. Though they were similar in appearance, I enjoyed the Sunset’s texture more than the slightly more viscous floating lilikoi.

In addition to welcoming evenfall, we were anticipating the torchbearer who runs through vast grounds of whichever resort, lighting the way and finally blowing a conch to say goodbye and express gratitude to the sun.

Testing out nearly every option on the appetizer menu, we couldn’t help but notice some Mexican influences, such as chips, guacamole, and mango salsa, and that the desserts were titled “postres.” This seemed odd when paired with the Asian-influenced chicken pot stickers and chicken satay skewers, and the local items such as Hamakua Mushroom and Spinach Flatbread. But all of these dishes (and I am sure others) were incredibly unique and delectable.

Go for the light show. Have a drink and enjoy some of the scrumptious small plates.






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