Raices de Mi Tierra (Roots of My Earth)

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Oaxaca has new boutique featuring the work of outstanding local artisans. Located at 800 Alcala, just up the street from the restaurant El Quinque, Raices de mi Tierra offers a colorful collection of traditional art forms with often delightfully modern twists.

In this welcoming space, browsers will find a high-quality selection of alebrijes (intricately wooden crafts, including jewelry, made from copal trees), metal work, pottery (including pitchers and sconces), traditional textiles from Oaxaca’s eight regions, and woven bags, among other treasures. It is like visiting more than a dozen of Oaxaca’s pueblos in one place.

Not only does the collective feature internationally-known artists, but it is still way more affordably priced than some of the other collectives in town, and the artists themselves staff the place, so you have the opportunity to get to know them and to know more about their work.




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