Among the many things I love about Spanish class are the teaching techniques I must participate in. The class I had this summer was led by someone who loves theater, so many of our activities involved performing various scenes in small groups.

After reading an article about global charity, we had to act out something provocative that addressed the challenges or opportunities of global giving (or receiving). To make the skits interesting, we mockingly focused on some of the problems with giving to groups. I, for example, played an empowered woman, but I browbeat and criticized my husband for no longer being an adequate breadwinner to exemplify the potential negative consequences of this type of power shift. The other group (pictured here) depicted people pretending to be in circumstances far more calamitous than reality. Debriefing the activity, we found that we were not as cynical as our skits would have suggested, but we opted for distrustful and disparaging caricatures for dramatic effect.

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