I can finally have pride that California is the progressive state it claims to be. Gay marriage was legalized in California this week, and I have been reading about the people flooding City Halls to marry. I am also pleased that DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) was considered unconstitutional. I still can’t understand how this even needed to be decided by a court.

On one of our slow trips around the streets to try to find any pathway to my hotel that wasn’t closed, the taxi driver (my new friend) and I saw a truckload of Osos (Bears). They were crammed into a tomato truck in leather vests, all plump and hairy.

And I saw more elegant cross dressers and men in TIGHT tighty whities or other tiny outfits than I’ve ever seen. The cab driver and I were playing the game: Man? Or woman? as we were driving around. If a candidate was uber pretty and playing with her hair, we found she was likely a gender illusionist.

I saw angels, fairies, queens, etc., and rainbows everywhere. It was a beautiful celebration of pride here although I only got to see it from a distance before the rain started.





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