La Jícara, a restaurant, a bookstore promoting books by independent publishing houses, a children’s bookstore and play space, and a gallery, is located at Porfirio Díaz 1105Porfirio Díaz 1105.

The food is incredible; the atmosphere is irresistible (the restaurant part is a sort of garden area surrounded by the other elements), and the quirky staff members are helpful. On one visit, one waiter plopped some organic insect repellant and said, “You’re going to need this.” On Friday two waiters took my order, but forgot for a second to get my three friends’ requests.

They offer a comida del día with soup, salad, agua fresca, and a hearty dish such as two cheesy crepes. I had a salad with beets, nuts, and jicama; the house dressing was delicious, and so was the mint and ginger lemonade I had. I also had two tostadas with beans (no epazote!!), hummus, and shredded carrots. This was topped with Parmesan cheese and was incredible.

The art show featured people being overrun by beetles which was perfect as the streets of Oaxaca seem to be overrun by these same beetles, a fitting tribute.
There’s not really a whole lot of typical Oaxacan fare here or Mexican food for that matter, but the intense flavors, tranquil atmosphere, and great prices make La Jícara a mandatory stop.








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