My mom asked if it was hard to say goodbye for now to the Little Businessman and Co. It was.

I brought Cecilia the grapes she requested and two bags full of other things that I’d unloaded from my refrigerator, pantry, and bathroom.

Usually, both Cecilia and Mateo take more than two hundred photos. Cecilia took only seventeen photos of these two grapes. At one point, she rubbed her nose on my shoulder and Mateo took a picture of one of my eyes in between filming just two horror videos. Augostino and Julio were both cuddly, and there wasn’t much to say. Rosita came over and had coffee and potato chips. She even took off her box to sit with us.

I told Cecilia, when I see her next, she’ll be even prettier, if that’s possible. I told Mateo he’ll have more muscles and be taller. I told Augostino that he’ll be more payaso (clown); he loved this. And, I told Julio (almost three) he’d be nearly a man when come again.

I sincerely thanked Rosita for sharing them, and I headed out into the night.

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