I was starting to get a bit anxious about all of the things I ought to do before I leave here early Saturday morning:
Take photos of the Arrazola folks’ new artists’ cooperative
Return books to the library
Find the graffiti Mari told me about
Explore the Reforma area more
See another movie in Spanish
Eat at some of my favorite places
Print our group photo for the Little Businessman and Co.
Return to San Martin Tilcajete to see Airyn
Say goodbye to my announcer friend
Go to the organic market by the church
Translate more letters
Taste the six or seven (depending on with whom you speak) regional moles
Write a few more poems
But this morning as I saw a line of school children dressed in beautiful traditional attire (as if they might perform a miniature version of a Guelaguetza) and I remembered that this – whatever I am doing here is good enough—and more—for me right now.

I will say goodbye to Café Arabia. Then, I will dash to the Llano tianguis with my camera. Mari and I will celebrate one more Taco Friday. I will meet friends in the afternoon. I will bring Miguel some potato chips and a beer. And, then I will stay with the Little Businessman and Co. on the Zocalo for as long as I can.

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