As I child I loved hand-me-downs. Maybe it was because I was the oldest and they were a rare occurrence. Maybe it was because the girl whose mother shared garbage bags full of things liked a lot of color. Regardless, Cecilia also likes the bags of things I bring to share with them. Tonight I had two bags, one of things like extra soap, washcloths, lotion, Kleenex, etc. The other was a bag full of fruit and vegetables: onions, tomatoes, avocadoes, apples, kiwi, apricots, and carrots.

Cecilia was in charge of the bags and decided who would get what. She pulled a kiwi out of the bag and demanded to know what it was and how it ought to be eaten. I told her its name and showed her how to peel it with her fingernails. She gave up and I peeled hers, Augostino’s, and another for a boy named Coco who had joined us. Mateo wanted to make sure there was one for him later as he was eating one of the apples. I assured him there was. He didn’t know what an apricot was. Now he does, even though he insists it is a little peach.

I promised another bag of hand-me-downs tomorrow night. Cecilia put in an order for grapes (uvas) and blackberries (zarzamoras).

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