On the Lookout for Boobs

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Yesterday as I was wandering the streets on the lookout for for more of the Spring Break boobs, I found some great murals and some interesting pieces of graffiti.

Sort of like the (not quite) ubiquitous breasts, I found a few instances of “Off Road” in white paint or white chalk.

I also have asked locals about the graffiti, particularly the Spring Break tags and other things I have seen in English.

Juan, of Cafe Arabia, said that they were new tags, expanding by the day. He had this disgusted look as he said they think they are creating urban art, but they just want to be “cholos.” He said “cholos” by putting it in air quotation marks.

Mari, at the posada, said there are some pieces she sees on her way home from work. She suggested I check them out, telling me landmarks to look for. She also thinks it’s peculiar I am on the lookout for boobs even though I told her my interest is in the use of English…




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