Vote July 7 – Gift with Purchase

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It is election season here in Oaxaca. Candidates have hired armies to canvas the zocalo and the markets for them. They appear on the screen before movies; they have attractive young people chanting their names. One even has a song about how ought to be the president of Oaxaca.

There are leaflets, posters, decals, billboards, taxi cab windows, etc. with their enormous heads nearly everywhere you look.

When I ask people if they are voting for the candidate who:
just held the lucha libre event
has the annoying song that blares down the street
just gave them a teeshirt three sizes too small
offered them a balloon, a bracelet, some blaring pop music in the streets…
they always answer, “No.” And, I am not sure if this is because I have started n impolite conversation, if people simply don’t vote, or if the right candidate has not come around yet…



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