Here are two more of Mateo’s photos. He was super pleased with how these turned out because they show the zocalo after the rain, all shimmering even in the darkness, even the Virgen de Guadalupe in the tree branches.

It poured Wednesday night, for nearly an hour, as I sat at one of the restaurants along the zocalo. The Little Businessman and Co. huddled under the umbrellas with me, so did about six other children and a young woman, Aurelia, who sells scarves. We waited for the rain to slow and then stop, and then we went back out into the beautiful night.

Mateo used the video function to narrate another scary monologue or four. He gets this eerie little voice and breathes heavily at various points.

As I write this, we are having the same kind of stormy night. It’s been about an hour, and the city is on the verge of becoming brilliant again.


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