Making our way to Tlacochahuaya to teach, I knew it was going to be a hard evening. It was a soaking bus ride, taxi ride, and run to find cover. Only two students joined us on the concrete in an empty (except concrete and a half-dozen construction workers also seeking cover) performance space. The metal roof under the almost hail at some points early on made any conversation ridiculous. It was more than pouring.

Finally, it slowed and we played some loteria and wrote some sentences as we were drying.

Ulisses informed Gabriel that he had something red on his jeans. He panicked a little, lifting up his pant leg to see if he was bleeding. Then we realized in unison it was the red dye from his wet tennies.

Waiting for the bus home, I was glad it was clear and I was finally dry enough to sit on the fabric seats.

I want more students, more time with them, better conditions. At the same time I am grateful for what we have.

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