Reuniting with the Little Businessman and Co.

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Dropping my bags at the posada and briefly greeting Miguel, I ran to the zocalo Monday night to see if I might find the little businessman, Agostino.

I first found his brother, Mateo, who directed me to Agostino and Julio who were playing in the ground lights illuminating the cathedral. Cecilia joined us as we headed to get popsicles.

There is a scene in M’s “favorite” movie Overboard where the boys learn they are rich and begin compiling Christmas lists, asking how to spell Porsche. This is sort of how the conversation went. They wanted esquite (sweet corn), a frappuccino, some toy I couldn’t translate, this was just the beginning.

I told them to pace themselves. It was just the first night. As I reminded myself of the same.

At the end of our date, Cecilia asked, “Will you be here tomorrow? The tomorrow after tomorrow?”

(Still, I have no great photos of the family.)

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