The bus ride to Oaxaca was four movies long:
The Eagle, some cartoon I’ll remember later, The Zookeeper, and something about a magician who is on the brink of failure with Adam Scott playing a minor character and father and son Hanks.

The elderly woman next to me was returning home to Oaxaca to visit her sisters and brothers for a few days. She was silent and sleeping most of the trip, until we arrived in the city. Then, the flood of questions from her. Most interesting to me was her admission that she assumed that, since I was traveling alone, I must be a local to Oaxaca. She is from the town of Tule and is proud of the enormous and ancient tree there. She wanted to know what I thought of the people and the food of Oaxaca. I went to ask if she was married, but instead I asked if she was tired. After snoozing most of our voyage, she was neither.

As we rolled into the parking lot, we wished each other a good journey.


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