Today I had an interesting email exchange with one of the keynote speakers for our upcoming Our Life Stories conference:

Always a worrier, I wrote:
I noticed that you have the 2012 speaker form. I just want to confirm that the conference is 5/4/2013.

He wrote back what I was sure was sarcastic:
You mean I spent all that money on a time machine for nothing? Rats. I guess I can write it off, though.

I got the message that I need to stop worrying and responded:
or sell it on Ebay…

That inspired the following from him:
Think I’ll keep it and play around a bit first, though. If you had one, where and when would you want to go to?

I didn’t hesitate to offer my itinerary:
I would want to go NOW — midterms.

I would head to Palm Springs, home, 1981 or so (10 years old; the yard filled with all sorts of cats and chickens and seven horses; the sound of the wind in the tamarisks; sleeping on the lawn every night of the summer; good friends on the school bus and in class). I wouldn’t go to change a thing, just to breathe it in, learn more from dad who’s been gone five years now, and I would stay there as long as I could. Forever.


And he admitted:
I was thinking about all sorts of historical epochs and events or maybe even walking a few miles with Jesus, something like that, but now that you mention it, going home to Altadena, maybe for a Christmas with my parents and older brother (all dead now), or a ballgame, or even some ping pong out in the back yard, would be awfully nice. Or a vacation trip with them to Lake Arrowhead, the old faux Swiss village with the miniature golf course and the arcade and the little movie house…

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