At the airport in Oaxaca, the convenience store offers the following customer service philosophy.

You (formal), as client of the Airshop, are important for us.

You do not depend on us. We depend on you.

You are not a stranger to our business; you are part of it.

We are not doing a favor to serve you. You are doing the favor of giving us the opportunity to do it.


This message reminded me of how the lady at the lavanderia lost a shirt I had purchased at a bazaar for less than $2. She was horrified that it must’ve gotten into another customer’s bag. As a result, she insisted that when it turns up, she will hold it until I return in June. I assured her that she didn’t need to do this, that it was just a casual shirt and I wouldn’t even miss it. She asked me the favor of trusting that she will have it when I return. I do.

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