At the Casa de las Artesanias de Oaxaca, we saw a mantel (tablecloth) we really liked; the one pictured. But it wasn’t long enough. The sales associate said that she could contact the artist and see if he had one that was longer. She confirmed that she could have one yesterday at 7 p.m. So at 7 we went to the shop and there was a tablecloth with much the same colors we had picked out, but it had thinner stripes and other embellishments, and it was by a different artist.

We asked to see it spread out on a table. It was the right length, but there was something not quite right about it for our house. I finally realized that the thin stripes made the pinks and purples seem to take over, and it reminded me of a child’s drawing of a rainbow.

A salesman joined in to help us take the tablecloth. He actually said: “You have to know that these are not machine made and no two are the same.” I said, “Of course, but this isn’t even the same artist, and we don’t need a rainbow.” He agreed to contact the original artist and promised that there’d be one to our satisfaction on Friday.

I was elated because I did not accept something I didn’t want (although I paid a deposit) and that my Spanish was good enough to explain that I wanted one with rayos anchos (wide lines). Sure I was empty-handed, but I had passed another Spanish test.

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