Oración al Espíritu Santo
Oh espíritu santo, amor del Padre y del Hijo, inspirame siempre lo que debo decirlo, lo que debo callar, cómo debo actuar, lo que debo hacer para gloria de dios, bien de las almas y mi propia santificación.

Espero santo, dame agudeza para entender, capacidad para retener, método y facultad para aprender, sutileza para interpretar, gracia y eficacia para hablar.

Dame acierto al empezar dirección al progresar y perfección al acabar.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Oh Holy Spirit, love of Father and Son, always inspire me to know: what to say, when I should be silent, when I should act, and what I should do for the glory of God, for the good of souls, and for my own sanctification.

Holy hope, give me sharpness to understand, the capacity to retain, the method and the ability to learn, the subtlety to interpret, and the grace and efficacy to speak.

Give me certainty to start and to progress and the perfection to finish.


This prayer was taped to the counter in a shop featuring the work of women artisans. They typically reject any request to take a photo and even chaperone people around the store to prevent theft (including taking photos) and to help in the selection of ideas. However, when I asked if I could take a photo of the prayer taped to the counter, the person running the register was pleased to permit this.

Although I had never heard/seen this prayer, it succinctly expresses what I hope for myself.

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