Save the Date: Noche de Rabanos (Night of the Radishes)

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Noche de Rabanos is a Oaxacan Christmas celebration. It involves the display of nativities and other holiday scenes in super-sized radishes (that are inedible).

According to Wikipedia, the event developed from a Dominican Christmas tradition, when they would have a large dinner on the night of 23 December. To decorate the tables, indigenous servants of the monks would carve radishes and adorn them with flowers and other plants. This led 23 December to the known as the Night of the Radishes. This led to a special market on this day selling the radishes along with two other popular Christmas plant materials, the Flor Inmortal (immortal flower) and corn husks. The day also includes a competition where radish creations are judged by originality, technical skill and beauty.

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