I had a chance to duck into the Biblioteca Pública Central Estatal de Oaxaca de Juárez. It is a beautiful two-story, open-air building filled with plants and books. I often see people in the periodical reading room from the street, ask for information from the man at the desk there, view posters of upcoming events in the foyer, and duck in for the special events that fill the bottom floor, but, until last night, I had never been to the second floor.

It is incredibly airy and breathtaking with a view of the sky and the thoughtfully landscaped area below. Now, I want to spend more time there, to see it at various times of day under different skies.

My only complaint about this elegant place is that it lacks the color of the rest of Oaxaca. Where is the art (beyond the architecture of this space and the books)? I found one small sculpture in a stairwell that could house much more beauty. This could be an incredible gallery, even more of a show.





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