On Tuesday, I had my first piñata class. We started with a ceramic planter (this is how piñatas are traditionally made). And, the process (so far) was incredibly easy and interesting. I was able to make seven cones that are the points of the piñata. There are seven because they represent the seven deadly sins. Obviously, this is not a celebration of the sins; instead, they are shattered into tejos (pieces of the shattered planter). In Spanish class, we discussed how this “game” at birthdays and Christmas is closely connected to religion. Even the blindfold and the bat become symbols of faith and strength and etc.

Back to piñata-maiking. I even had to use a hot glue gun, and I have not scalded anything into my fingers. However, I am still not done. Now that I have my cones attached, I still need to embellish it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that my hands are suddenly useful. However, piñata-making is not the horrendous struggle that weaving and ceramics were. Or, maybe I am learning.




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