In Spanish class yesterday, I had a new teacher. His name is Octavio. And there was one other student in my class, a woman from Japan. She is from the city where Toyota originates. As we were telling about our cities, she said that this city also has the highest number of deaths related to auto accidents in Japan. I said that I didn’t know the accident rate in Sacramento, but I explained that we had a high number of car thefts. This started a whole other line of discussion.

I said that I had taken this picture because I so rarely see this sort of crime in Oaxaca. My classmate said that it is also rare to see in Japan. She also went on to say that most burglaries are by foreigners. How do you know, I asked. She said that they are typically and obviously the work of Iranian immigrants; Japanese are tidier and not as explosive in their raiding of other people’s lives.

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