I write this wish list not for myself but for my friends, the English students in Tlacochahuaya. I saw this cell tower/almost-Christmas tree on the outskirts of the city the other day, and it reminded me of the things these children need.

1. Spanish/English dictionaries at home and in the classroom, an actual book to look through and search for words.

2. Textbooks or manuals for the various levels, even just a class set laminated for years of use.

3. They need to have a real white board mounted to the wall instead of a tiny one propped up on a table.

4. A projector and speakers would be helpful for them to see videos of people in English conversation, to hear a variety of accents and pronunciations.

5. And, it would be a dream for them to have internet access to learn about current events and new materials.

6. While I am at it, it is difficult (and somewhat expensive) to print out handouts , but they are essential. A printer or copy machine (with elves to fix it and fill it) would make the work easier.

I am sure there are many other things that would improve the experience for the children and volunteer teachers: toilet paper in the bathrooms near the church tops that list.

Of course, I am grateful for all of the things we do have and for the freedom we have to adorn our classroom. It just could be so much better; so much more learning could happen in a better-equipped classroom. I am sure of it. I have been nice all year. I promise.

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