Soy un arbol, not a basurero.
I am a tree, not a trash can.

Te proporciono sombra, no me eches basura.
I provide shade for you; don’t throw trash at me.

These are two laminated signs across the street from the posada. Clearly, the trees are tired of people disrespecting their space.

These beautiful flowers are neighbors of the trees. I wonder what they might say. I am tempted to create (little, laminated) signs for them.



Of course, these signs exist for a reason. I am sure it is frustrating to find garbage in the trees and in the window as another of the signs indicates:
Esta ventana no es basurero. Tira la basura en su lugar.
This window is not a trash can. Throw trash in its place.


In looking at the different messages, I find the personified trees more persuasive.

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