I turned two Iphones over to my class tonight. The instruction was for them to take pictures of whatever they liked, but they had to return to tell me the words in English. They each took five photos. When they returned they wanted to use the names of people, for example, Jamie, Jane, or Jessica, as their English words. They also thought that the colors and numbers they can use would be sufficient. They were incorrect.

As we worked through the pictures, they marveled at their own caras (faces). I also noticed that they once again were standing on the house of God. I may have made a mistake when I taught them to translate casa de Dios. Because they already know the word for dog, I told them it was dog in reverse. I have already heard two of the girls talking about the house of Dog.

I am always surprised by what they will do with the cameras. Instead of going inside the church to all of the elaborate decorations there (as I have in the rest of this post), they instead choose to stand closer to the heavens against the beautiful blue Tlacochauaya sky.

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