Recently, I have enjoyed the hospitality of several different Mexican families. For the first, we purchased a fruit arrangement, but we never saw it or heard anything about it.

So I asked Jesus what I should bring to the artisans to thank them. Of course, I should have something from the US or Sacramento, but I have nothing. And, I don’t know what I might have anyway.

I ran through a list:
A cake?
Mezcal? Wine?
A plant?
More fruit?
Art? For people whose work is making and selling art?

Jesus said that if I decided t bring anything at all (because nothing is expected), I should bring something I can carry on the bus. I agreed.

Then he said: “Dulces” (candy). When I asked his favorites he unfurled a list as if he’d been waiting for the question. Usually he speaks slowly for me, but he went into super speak. Because I couldn’t lasso the list, I decided to get a mix of US staples (Snickers, m&m’s, gum) with some classic Mexican candies including Glorias (made from goat’s milk), marzipan, and chocolate-coated clown pops, among other things.

The recipients were pleased with the thought, and Jesus was surprised to see how his suggestion turned out as I presented his own package to him.

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