Casa Update: It Looks Like a Sombrero for a Witch

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My mother has been impatiently demanding to see the beehive hairdo. So has Miguel in the Posada. In fact, when I returned from a walk in the Zocalo tonight, I showed him the mask. It was in the same state he’d seen it in a photo on Thursday. He asked, “When are you going to finish it?” Then he told me the date and reminded me the parade is the day after tomorrow. I explained that I had it home as a part of my homework. Skipping any further attempts to show me how dire it is that I get the work done, he told me to get to work.

While the mask is not yet painted or sanded or anything, the hair is done. And, I think it looks more like a witch’s hat than hair, but at least I have something, and it is something sturdy. I just have to celebrate what I have.

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