When in France

Knowing no French, and with little assistance from our waitress (she offered, but I was feeling brave), I requested Terrine de campagne du pere Lefevre. It was a pate, but it was more like spam and meatier (if that’s possible). I ate as much as I could (not much) and had M help me. The waitress said I should have had it on the bread at the table. The main dish was Onglet de bouf Angus poele, pleurotes et pommes de terre sautéed. This was, despite the oceanic saltiness, quite savory. I knew I was getting beef and potatoes; this was far more delicious than I imagined. Pictured here is dessert. My dessert was a strawberry and white chocolate extravaganza: Mille feuilles de fraises au chocolat blanc. M had a stunning chocolate mousse with raspberry sorbet: Feuillantine au chocolat nor et sorbet framboise. It seems fitting that the first post from France should feature food and the disappointment and delight of discovering what words taste like.

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