Lana for tapetes

The Weavers

In Teotitlan, the pueblo of tapetes,
even the children have learned
how to make yellow turn

to pink with a pinch
of cal, how to color
wool with pigments

squashed from plants or
insects, how to weave,
running the looms as

we might pace a treadmill,
their workout turns
lana into rugs, bags,

wall hangings, a living. Zapotec
is their first language,
but they know enough

Spanish, English, French
to bargain over shade,
intensity, pattern, the three

months each brilliant textile
took from their lives.

Teotitlan – a town in the state of Oaxaca, near Oaxaca de Juarez
Pueblo – town
Tapetes – tapestries
Cal – baking soda
Lana – wool

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